About Elle

Elle Sojourner is a Certifed Life-Cycle Celebrant®. She weaves her crafts of writing, storytelling, and performance art into every ceremony and course. Along her journey she earned degrees in social & behavioral science and business and enjoyed a career as a human resources recruiter. Elle is passionate about helping people live well in every season of life. As a celebrant, she continues her quest to create sacred moments for connection, love, healing, and celebration.

About Spirit Fire

Spirit Fire is within every person's being. It is the life force of unconditional love and deep grief. Spirit Fire is the energy of acceptance, forgiveness, and change. It is natural for the Spirit Fire to wax and wane, however, it must always be nurtured. Spirit Fire Life Ceremonies' mission is to shine a light on the shared human experiences that make this life so rich. Ceremony and ritual create space for people to journey through life, evergrowing, with love and support. This is how the Spirit Fire is nurtered.

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