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Bespoke Ceremonies Honoring Your Journey


  • Honoring Love

    • Weddings | Elopements | Vow Renewals​​

  • Honoring Life Transitions

    • Baby Namings, Rites of Passage, Adoption Ceremonies, Maiden | Mother | Crone Celebrations, Pet Funerals, Home Blessings

  • Honoring The Healing Journey 

    • Divorce Ceremonies, Recovery Celebrations, ​Survivor Ceremonies


Community Circles

All Spirit Fire Life Ceremonies are uniquely crafted for each individual, couple, family & community group. During a free consultation, we will collaborate to bring your vision to life. There are infinite possibilities when creating ceremony elements to honor:  all faiths, creeds, loves, families & heritages.

Life Enrichment

Ceremony is an essential part of the human experience. Simple daily rituals offer rhythm and balance in life. And group ceremonies facilitate connection, support & celebration. Life Enrichment Courses empower you to live richly every day. You will be given tools to help you design personal rituals for grounding, support, love, healing & transition.

May Soul Circle
Let's love, laugh & learn!
May 23, 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EDT

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